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Meet The Family

So the year was 1965 and Denny was a hard working soon to be father and future husband of Stephanie. He worked for Williams Chevrolet in Smithtown. But after 7 months of working in their body shop and arguing with the bosses about how to do the job correctly Denny decided to look into opening his own place with a business plan that included, doing the right job for the customer. Then one day in late August 1966 Denny turned to future wife Stephanie and said if it rains tomorrow then don't wake me up. The next day in a down pour, Stephanie woke him up and Denny said,it's raining and I'm not going to paint a car without the right supplies, so that weekend Denny found his new shop and labor of love right on Middle Country Rd., that Monday he opened the shop for the first time. 

Now fast forward 22 years, when son Dennis that grew up in the wonderful world of automotive, while still working weekends with his father, He was working the last 7 years at UPS as a driver but he wanted more. He as most of the good ones do found fulfillment in having a car that is devastated come in and then rebuild it and then paint it. Making the old new again then getting to see the vehicles owners face light up when the see it. So his notice was given to UPS and he started his path into the automotive field full time after many years, As his knowledge expanded he became one of the best painters on the island. Even becoming recognized by PPG as a platinum painter, and then as a expert welder, and many more. Seeing this Denny knew that his work ethics and business plan to give the customer the best product out there he brought Dennis on as a full partner. Knowing that his new found partnership was not important to his father but to him as well. Dennis pushed himself to continue his education and certifications with all makes and models throughout the years. Dennis and his family have built their 52 years serving the community utilizing the same business plan that his father started in 1966. And they carry though to the present day. Thats why every car gets a thank you card and everyone deals directly with Dennis. So come down and meet the whole family.